Preparing for Reopening Of Business

As we approached the end of Circuit Breaker, we have to be prepared for the new “norm” . As more stringent social distancing and tighter contact tracing is enforced, is your business prepared and ready for this?

Primary steps mandatory will be contact tracing and records of visitors and staff movements in each premise as well as mandatory temperature taking to safeguard the interest of your staff and the rest of the public. But how do we carry this out efficiently and in the safest manner?

Are you still putting your staff at risk while doing temperature screening?

Portable Thermal Temperature Screening Solutions

  • Thermal Temperature Scanner – Observe social distancing while doing temperature screening
  • High Temperature Alerts – Allow for audible and led flash alerts for high temperature detected
  • Snapshots capturing – Snapshots of abnormal temperature subject captured.
  • Easy Mounting and Portability – Ease of mounting on Tripod and Portable to be redeployed onto worksites, queues etc.
  • Connection to PC – Connection to Large screen with audio alert and better monitoring
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Thermal Temperature Screening In Use

Ai- Facial Recognition/ Facial Detection Based Temperature Screening and Door Access Solution

Eligible for PSG Grants of up to 80% – Temperature Screening Solutions

  • Full Solutions For Safe Temperature Screening
  • Fully guided process for application of Grant
  • Non-Obligatory if Grant is unsuccessful。
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