Wisol business solution

Every Business’s basic infrastructure and resource determines the
success of the company . BizSol focuses on helping our customers on this
key areas in order to create a strong platform for greater success



•Basis of business interaction and functionality.

•We aim to optimise cost and productivity.

•Best Value Internet and Network Infratructure plans including continuity plans.

•Tailor to Business Needs.

•Digital Business Line.

•Cost Savings VOIP IPPBX System.

•Remote Business Management Monitoring System •AI Analytical Solutions.

Human Resource

Human Resource

• The most fundamental brick of the business foundation.

• WiSOL Global Talent works exclusively with Universities in Taiwan to shortlist the brightest and most suitable fresh graduates for our customer.

• Best value preposition with both ascertain skillsets and knowledge.

• With strong backend support from their Alma Mater as agreed with us, they bring about strong knowledge to contribute to the organisation.

• Multitude of positions and multi disciplines trained.

• Comprehensive settling in programme provided for the candidates to ensure longevity in the organisation.

• Good And Right Employees will increase efficiency and productivity of the company.



•Business Financing is the single most important element of a business.

•Our Experienced and resourceful partner is well poised to help ensure :

•Cashflow (Working Capitals) – Don’t get caught out by late receivables. Ensure efficient operations with sufficient working capital.

•Factorings / Invoice Financings – Ensure liquidity by tapping on financing options for project purchases.

•Capitalise on opportunities – Don’t get caught out when a great opportunity comes by but the company resources is tight.

•Maximise Effectiveness by utilising various financing options for your business needs and operations from renovation to machinery purchase loans.



•Always be prepared for contingencies and be prepared for the unexpected.

•Our Insurance partner takes the hassle and time consuming task of finding and comparing coverages.

•Representing a multitude of Underwriters, our partner is equipped with strong industry knowledge.

•Covering all aspects of the company’s insurance needs, we ensure you do not get affected by unexpected events while protecting your assets and investments.

•Customised coverages are a strong forte of our partner •We aim to ensure increase effectiveness and optimising cost her.