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IP-based voice transmission is a voice call technology that achieves voice calls and multimedia conferences through Internet protocols, that is, communication through the Internet. Other informal names include IP phones, Internet phones, broadband phones, and broadband phone services. VoIP can be used in many Internet access devices, including VoIP phones, smart phones, and personal computers, to make calls and send text messages through cellular networks and Wi-Fi.

C200 Desktop IP Phone

The new C200 color screen IP Phone is a high-end enterprise desktop phone which comes with intelligent
LCD to increase enterprise users’ productivity at a cost-effective price. C200 inherits all features from enterprise phones, such as HD voice in handset, headset, and full-duplex
speakerphone modes, PoE, Fast/Gigabit Ethernet, QoS, secure transmission, auto-provisioning, and more.


The UC series IPPBX delivers a multi-functional business office telephony system designed for
small to medium enterprises. The series integrates functions such as IP phone, fax, and voice
recording, and is compatible with multiple service platforms such as Cisco CallManager, Broadsoft,
Huawei IMS and Asterisk, and terminals. The products are highly reliable, easy to install and deploy,
and offer a brand-new experience in mobile offices and communications.
The UC series delivers a full-featured IP Telephony solution. By supporting intelligent
communication functions such as mobile phone extensions, instant multi-party conferences, call
history, click-to-dial, and customer information management, it not only facilitates seamless
communication between enterprise employees and customers, but also provides a solid basis for
enterprises to analyze core business data.


IMCDN is a customized live broadcast platform. We have encryption and decryption technology and multi-person interaction for live broadcasts, which increase the interactivity of live broadcasts, and have watermarking and other technologies. We are a complete set of live broadcasts that can serve customers Systematizing the functions that guests want will also shorten the distance between people in the post-epidemic era.

IMCDN  Video features

1. Low‑latency

2.Dynamic Resolution

3.More than 10,000 connections

4.CDN architecture



1. Encrypt

2.E-commerce multi-platform direct sales operation model

3.Course Material Integration Service(Content Tagging)

4.Online Conferences

Wireless Networking


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Network infrastructure/Fiber Infrastructure


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